Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mark May, TV talk and a prediction

ESPN's Mark May made a little noise at the opening meeting of the Little Rock Touchdown Club when he said, and we paraphrase here, that Arkansas State should treat its games with Oregon and Nebraska like exhibition games and not play its regulars.
Say what?
When asked about it, Gus Malzahn said it was "TV talk" and he knows Mark May and if he were coaching the Red Wolves he would not have that approach.
I don't think that the Gus Company does either.
What is Oregon comes out and turns it over six times, all on its end of the field. Its freshmen QB has the jitters, makes bad decisions and ASU all of the sudden has a chance to win.
A chance to win on national TV. That is why you prepare to win. Just in case.
I don't think the Red Wolves' chances of winning are that good. In fact, at a lunch meeting with some ASU folks recently, I mentioned 48-24 would be a good outcome. One in the group added he would take that and be happy.
Seems to me there is this thing in football at what my homeboy and former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer used to call "hanging half a hundred on them."
When you are looking at scores -- those in the 40s look a lot better than when someone has hit the 50-mark. And scoring some makes things even better. And I do believe ASU will score some.
Stopping the Ducks .. well that is another issue.
So .. for good taste .. we will stay at 48-24.

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